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The quarry planning application at Overburns Farm, Lamington ref' no' CL/09/0318 is NOW IN, for the excavation of 4,600,000 tonnes of sand and gravel; over 90 acres, for a period of up to 15 years 
by Patersons Quarries Ltd...
and people have to OBJECT NOW to,
FAO Donald Wilkins

Villages this will impact on include Biggar, Coulter, Lamington and Symington, as well as the surrounding and connected areas.

In your letter you must write



Click HERE for the How to OBJECT page


STOP THE QUARRY at Overburns Farm

Below is the text from our full page advertisement in the Carluke and Lanark Gazette...
Top picture – RIVER CLYDE, 2009

Don’t let the sun set on this view at the River Clyde at Overburns Farm. To find how you can save it for future generations please take the time to read the information below. (Photo © Simon Butterworth)

Middle picture
Stunning outlook...and that’s the way CRAG wants it to stay
(Photo © Simon Butterworth)

The pictures (above and left) of the River Clyde at Overburns Farm show how beautiful this area truly is.
But is the photograph (below) how this area will look in the not-too-distant future?
The photograph of a former, presumably "restored" site, pictured in June 2009, could be what awaits you and your children in 20 years time at Lamington.
Members of Clyde River Action Group (CRAG) certainly hope not and are now campaigning for your support to stop the firm in its tracks.
The newly-lodged Patersons Quarries application to quarry sand and gravel between Lamingon, Coulter and Symington is, according to CRAG members, a proposal for a site of mass environmental disaster.
And it is on a site which is bigger than Biggar.
These pictures show what the Overburns quarry site is now like and what it could look like...possibly until 2029 or, perhaps, even forever.
Patersons has been named and shamed as "one of Scotland's worst polluters" by the government environ­ment agency SEPA.
And a BBC Frontline Scotland programme said it had created "one of the largest city dumps in Europe," which was "hugely profitable".
On that site, the firm had promised to plant one million trees by 2012. But, to date, nothing has yet been done to the land.
At another quarry site, Patersons sold off its interest before starting any "restoration". The land was sold to a landfill company. Enough said?
A unique site and lots of tourism-related jobs could now be at risk here in Clydesdale...if the Patersons application is given the green light.
Only you and people like you who care about this local environment can help.
You can write NOW to South Lanarkshire Council stating: "I object to the Overburns Farm Quarry application..."

And here are seven of the major reasons why CRAG members have already lodged their objections to the quarry:
1. The council's Local Plan desig­nates the site as "of scenic value".
2. The application is contrary to the adopted SLC Minerals Plan of September 2002.
3. The beautiful environment below Tinto Hill will be destroyed.
4. Rare wildlife such as otters, ospreys, sand martins and king­fishers will be made homeless.
5. Daily dangers of 120 more heavy trucks travelling on the narrow A702, for a period of at least 15 years.
6. Great trout and grayling fishing will be finished costing many local tourism jobs.
7. Future generations will be deprived of this natural beauty and the threat of flooding will increase.

To object
, simply write to D Wilkins, South Lanarkshire Council, Almada Street, Hamilton, ML3 OAA.

CRAG also urges objectors to send a copy of their objections to their local Councillor and MSP.
All objections MUST be submitted by August 27.

Anyone interested in finding out more should attend a Clyde River Action Group meeting on Monday, August 17, in the Gillespie Centre, High Street, Biggar at 7.30pm.

* CRAG is a group of concerned locals, established at packed public meetings in Lamington and Coulter.

For more information on the group visit

All donations to CRAG's campaign are gratefully appreciated and can be made via the website or direct at RBS High Street, Biggar.

Bottom picture - RIVER CLYDE, 2029?

Picture of things to come? Don’t let this June 2009 photograph of a former, presumably "restored" site, be the future outlook that awaits you and your children in 20 years time at Lamington. (Photo © John McLatchie)


13th August 2009
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