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Information received...

Below is a copy of the initial letter sent out to neighbours to the proposal from the consultants...
9th March 2009

Dear Sir or Madam


We are currently preparing a planning application and undertaking an Environmental Impact Assessment in respect of a proposed new sand and gravel quarry at Overburns Farm, Lamington on behalf of Patersons of Greenoakhill Limited.

We are keen to consult with you as a neighbour to the proposed quarry and we summarise below the key characteristics of the development. We also enclose a Location Plan of the proposed Development, a Schematic Working Scheme and a Concept Restoration Plan for your perusal.

We would advise that access for anglers would be maintained throughout the period of development, subject to the usual agreements and permits from the owners of Overburns Farm.

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Nature of Development

The quarry would provide an important resource of sand and gravel for construction projects and would provide continuous employment for 15 staff, working either within the quarry or with the haulage of materials from the quarry.

The proposed quarry would release in the order of 5,000,000 tonnes of sand and gravel from approximately 35 hectares of Overburns Farm that would be extracted over a period of between 12 and 16 years. The extraction of sand and gravel would take place from both above and below the natural water table using a long reach excavator to dig the material from the ground and place it ready for processing.

The quarry development would commence along the western edge of the extraction area and progress in a generally south west to north easterly direction in a series of 35m cuts that run roughly perpendicular to the River Clyde. The general arrangement of those cuts is shown on the Schematic Working Scheme enclosed. The development scheme has been prepared in order to minimise the extent of land taken out of agricultural land at any one time and to have the worked out land restored as quickly as possible.

All sand and gravel extracted would be transported from the extraction area to a proposed plant site for processing and stocking prior to sale. Initially, the sand and gravel would be transported by dump truck but as the quarry progresses and the transport distance increases, the dump trucks will be replaced by a field conveyor that will be used to convey the material.

The plant site would contain all of the fixed plant requirements for the proposed quarry, including a processing plant that will be approximately 8 metres high, a site office, a weighbridge and a wheel wash. The location of the plant site is shown on the Schematic Working Scheme. This location has been selected in order to avoid the risk of flooding from the River Clyde and for the natural screening of the location that is provided for by surrounding landscape features. The plant site screening would be supplemented by a shrub planted bund along its boundaries.

The sand and gravel would be transported from the quarry via a new access road and entrance from the A702. It is anticipated that the quarry would generate on average 55 lorry loads of sand and gravel from the quarry daily. The lorries would be dispersed both directions onto the A702.

The quarry is intended to operate Monday to Friday from 7am to 7pm and on Saturday mornings from 7am to 1pm. It is not intended that there will be operations on Sundays, except for essential maintenance of plant.

The planning application will be accompanied by a restoration scheme that makes provision for the progressive establishment of lochans, complimentary planting, habitat creation and footpaths for public access. A copy of the concept restoration plan is enclosed.

The restoration landform will be created progressively, as the quarry advances, with there being restoration of worked out areas being undertaken in most years of the development.

Environmental Impact Assessment

We have been working on various environmental assessments over the past year that are intended to establish the existing environmental conditions of the development site and to allow assessments to be made of the potential impacts of the proposed quarry. The scope of those assessments has been established in consultation with a number of key agencies and stakeholders including SEPA, Scottish Natural Heritage and representatives of South Lanarkshire Council. We are also keen to consider local community views on the assessments and would welcome any suggestions in this regard.

The planning application will be accompanied by an Environmental Statement (ES) that will set out the conclusions of the various environmental assessments. The ES will address the potential environmental effects on:

• Ecology, including biodiversity and protected species;
• Noise;
• Air Quality;
• Landscape and Visual Amenity;
• The water environment, including flooding; and
• Traffic and transportation.

Timescales and What Happens Next

It is intended to submit the planning application to South Lanarkshire Council in early April, from which time the application will be subject to the normal advertisement, scrutiny and consideration by the authority.

In advance of making the planning application we would welcome and consider any comments or suggestions you have with regards to the proposed development or with regards the matters being considered in the Environmental Statement. Any comments that you have can be addressed to the undersigned at the address at the top of this letter or alternatively, can be emailed to a dedicated email address:

We would also advise that a pre-application consultation event is being held on Thursday 12th March in Lamington Village Hall between 5,30pm and 7.30pm, where further plans of the development will be on display and representatives available to answer queries that you may have. The consultation event will operate informally on a 'drop in1 basis, with you being able to attend at any time through the evening.

We trust that you will find the foregoing of assistance in advising you of the proposed development and that you will feel enabled to provide any comments that you have.

Yours faithfully
SLR Consulting Limited
Colin Hume

SLR Consulting Limited, 4 Woodside Place, Charing Cross, Glasgow G37QF
T – 0141 353 5037 F – 0141 353 5038 W –
Registered Office: 7 Warnal Park, Waringhall, Aylesbury, Bucks HP18 9PH.

Registered No. 3880506


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