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'Overburns Quarry plan

thrown out' - Gazette

The Gazette understands that the Court of Session has today (27/2/14) thrown out Paterson’s appeal against the refusal of its plan for a quarry at Overburns on the Upper Clyde.

“It is truly great news,” said Arthur Bell, vice chairman of the Clyde River Action Group.

After three or four years of campaigning, we have finally seen off this appalling development.”

And he added: “Along with the recent decision to call in the Cemex application (for a quarry extension at New Lanark, this is great news for conservation on the Upper Clyde.”

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beautiful overburns




Reporter dismisses

Paterson appeal



CRAG is absolutely delighted that the Scottish Government Reporter has dismissed Paterson's appeal and refused planning permission. The Reporter rejected the appeal because of the significant adverse impact that the quarry would have on the landscape of this part of the Clyde Valley.

The proposal has now been rejected by South Lanarkshire Council and the Scottish Government so that should be an end of it.

Local residents have spent significant amount of time and money participating in the process including the recent public inquiry.

CRAG would like to thank everyone who gave of their time, money and resourses throught this lengthy campaign, however large or small.

As a result of your tremendous efforts, the Clyde valley at Overburns will remain a beautiful part of Clydesdale.

Please read the following notices....

Decision notice letter (PDF)

Decision on claim against Pinsent Masons LLP (PDF)

Decision on claim against planning authority (PDF)

C.R.A.G. the Clyde River Action Group has been specificaly set up to STOP a proposal for a minerals open cast site at Overburns next to the River Clyde, between the villages of Coulter and Lamington, which will ultimately lead to the destruction of a beautifully scenic part of Clydesdale and Upper Clyde river.
To see the area for yourself, go to our Beautiful Clyde page.

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Click on the image below to enlarge and enjoy...
the clyde at overburns by simon butterworth
 The presently unspoiled view over River Clyde near Overburns Farm
Copyright of Simon Butterworth
Click on the image below to enlarge and understand the full impact of what could happen at Overburns...
Dunduffy quarry August 2009
Above is a view of Dunduff quarry August 2009...a Patersons quarry
This is what Lamington and the Clyde could look like. Can you imagine it?
Photograph © John McLatchie

If you are a local resident, have family in the area or once lived in this locality, fish in the Clyde locally or down stream, are interested in the future of our environment and our longterm health and wellbeing, we would be most greatful if you took some time to contact CRAG and tell us what you think about the proposal and if you would be happy to support our campaign in whatever way you can.


Contact members of the Action Group

Caroline Parker - 07857369512
John and Mary McLatchie - 01899 850696
Margaret Martin - 01555 750944
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...your assistance will ensure the protection and survival of your local environment from the resulting impacts of such an industry.
We look forward to hearing from you, and many thanks in advance.

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