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Objection to Quarry
We visited New Lanark recently and walked the path up the Falls of Clyde as we had done several times before (we have family nearby). We were astounded to hear of plans to ruin this gorgeous area. The house we passed had run out of objection forms and we have searched since for a web site to use to lodge our protest. Is this it?
Posted by Chris Davies on 17 February 2013
Well done....where next ?
Is is indeed a wonderful result for communities of southern Clydesdale.
Let us hope that the truly enormous amount of campaigning work and financial support can be replicated in other areas of Clydesdale that are either presently under threat from similar large scale proposals / applications, or are already facing further and ongoing decimation by similar industries.
What does / will it take to save our landscape, and at what cost to our precious environment and our health and well-being if we don't ?
Posted by Supporter on 11 January 2013
Well done once again to CRAG. The appeal by Pattersons has once again been shown the door. Let's hope that this is the end of the bully boy tactics made by Patersons and that the local people can once again breathe easy. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Posted by Mary on 09 January 2013
Surprise surprise Patersons have appealed. This is bully boy tactics of big business trying to wear down communities. Patersons were told in no uncertain terms to stop wasting time the last time they were shown the door by SLC. Not to mention the tremendous support from our Councillors, MP's and MSP's
Well there will be no wearing down on this fight. Good luck CRAG
Posted by Elizabeth on 04 July 2012
Thanks to CRAG
Brilliant - A victory for common sense, perseverance and, by the sound of it, good old fashioned diplomacy!
Thanks to all at CRAG for saving the countryside here in the Coulter/Lamington environs, for current and future generations.
Posted by Jim Stevenson on 02 April 2012
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